The Details Matter: A Journaling Exercise

old lantern pansies

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Paying attention to and honoring the details of our life is a way of enhancing our everyday existence.  In the modern world, we often value the quick and easy route.  Breakfast on the go, throwing on the first thing we grab out of the closet, pita chips and hummus for lunch (again), chauffeuring kids to activities during the evening hours and then realizing you haven’t even thought about dinner, a quick run through the drive-thru, some screen time and so to bed.  This can leave us feeling as if we are just floating from one lackluster, non-memorable experience to another.  It’s no wonder we often feel empty, exhausted and unfulfilled.

But what if the way we choose to express ourselves in the everyday details of our lives mattered?  What if it is our attention to those details that helps us feel connected and alive?  What if they are an opportunity to express our authentic perspective of beauty and creativity?

Find your journal and a pen and write for 20 minutes or so using the following questions as prompts for your writing:

What areas of my life could use a little more love and attention?

How could I bring more creativity and beauty into my day?

What areas of my life could use a little more intention?

How can I express my authenticity through my daily activities?

What daily/ weekly routines need tweaking in order to better support me?

Once you are finished, go back through your writing.  Identify one or two specific opportunities to bring a little more authentic detail to your day.  Write about each one, clarifying what it looks like and how you are can make space for it in your life.  In class, students wrote about everything from changing the details of their morning routine so that it was more supportive of their day to dressing with more care and attention; from packing a nourishing lunch for themselves to enjoy at work to rethinking how they want to spend their evening leisure time.  This week, seize one of these opportunities to bring a little more YOU to your day.  See how it feels.

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