Thresholds: A Journaling Exercise

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“He had the vague sense of standing on a threshold, the crossing of which would change everything.” 

― Kate Morton, The Forgotten Garden

If you’ve been journaling here with me or doing some kind of other inner work, you probably know that there is a threshold that it’s time for you to cross.  Whether it’s a decision that needs to be made, changes to your lifestyle that need to be implemented or a complete shift in your way of being in the world….you know it’s time to take the next step and be all in.  But change is scary.   Maybe you’ve been creeping up to the doorway and peeking in and then stepping back into what’s safe and comfortable.  Or maybe you feel like you have one foot in and one foot out of the doorway and it’s time to put both feet in.  Maybe you are waiting for another door to open instead of the one that is right in front of you.  For whatever reason, you are hesitant to take the bold step into the new and unfamiliar.  In today’s journaling exercise we are going to explore that doorway and the hesitation we feel to cross through it.

Get comfortable and close your eyes.  Imagine that you are walking along a long hallway.  There are closed doors on either side of you as you slowly continue your journey down the hall.  Up ahead at the very end of the hallway, you can see there is a door that has been left open just enough to let you get a glimpse of what’s inside.  You instantly feel drawn toward the open doorway. There is so much abundance waiting for you in that room, you can just feel it.  Something you long for deeply is behind that door.  Walk towards the open doorway at the end of the hallway.  As you step closer and peek in, what do you see?  Take a moment to let a vision come to you.  Once you are ready, take out your pen and journal and begin to describe what you see in exquisite detail.

Once you have finished describing what waits for you on the other side of the threshold, set your pen down and close your eyes again.  Return to the space just outside the doorway.  Feel your simultaneous longing to walk across the threshold and your hesitation to do so.  Ask your inner voice:

What is keeping me from walking through this doorway?

How am I benefiting from staying on this side of the threshold?

How will things be different for me on the other side?

Explore on paper what is holding you back from stepping across firmly with both feet.

Finally, every crossing of a threshold means a new set of choices. Sometimes life pushes us across a threshold by throwing unexpected circumstances our way…the loss of a job, the loss of a loved one, a divorce, an illness or accident.   The choices we make are suddenly different than they were before simply because we are dealing with a new and different reality.  But when you are consciously choosing to cross over a threshold, you are the one who must initiate new practices, activities and make choices that are aligned with what lies on the other side of the threshold.  Explore what these new choices might entail for you. How will you commit in both small and big ways to what’s on the other side of the doorway?  Explore this in your journal.

If you want to take this concept even further this week, here are a few ways to bring this idea of crossing a threshold into your consciousness:

  1. View your front door as a sacred entrance to your home.  Give it a good cleaning….the door itself on both sides, the door jamb, the threshold and the porch outside.  Put out some mums or pumpkins to celebrate the season.  Sage the doorway.  Make a welcoming entrance to your home.
  2. Use the crossing of any threshold as a reminder of the threshold you explored in your writing.  It’s so easy to write about these things we want to do and then forget about them as we settle back into the routine of our daily lives.  Let the act of walking through a doorway be an opportunity to remember.
  3. Make a ritual out of it.  Read through your view behind the open door in your journal and than consciously walk through a doorway in your home, symbolically marking your shift from one side of the threshold to the other.  Maybe even say something out loud to yourself, “I’m in” or “I fully dedicate myself to this” or “I am committed to this.”
  4. Give someone else the gift of your full attention as they walk through a threshold in your home.  When your children or partner walks through the door at the end of the day or into your room while you are reading in bed at night, look upon them with fresh eyes.  Give them your full attention and really see them as they enter the room.  This is an extraordinary gift for both the giver and receiver and can change the way your interaction with one another goes from there.








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