Three Questions: A Journaling Exercise

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The authentic self is the soul made visible.

-Sarah Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance

Journaling has many benefits, but possibly the most profound is that it gives us a modality for hearing the still, small voice inside.  When you take time out from your busy life and sit down with pen and paper, you are activating a sacred connection, a means of communication between you and your inner self.  This inner self goes by many names…soul, universe, God, authentic self, higher self just to name a few.  It is the intersection of you and that which is greater than you.  As we learn to recognize and listen to the voice of our inner self, we gain access to intuitive wisdom in the form of guidance, encouragement and compassion.  Journaling becomes more than just an exercise in writing down our thoughts, concerns and dreams.  It becomes a magical way of living and being in the world in which we feel connected, guided and loved.

Asking questions is a simple and straightforward way to cultivate a practice of listening to the voice of your inner self.  Before you begin this week’s exercise, take a few moments to review this post I wrote about recognizing the voice of your intuition on the page.  It will provide you with some helpful tips and guidelines for identifying the voice of your inner self.

From the list below, choose a set of three questions.  Close your eyes and begin to settle in by letting your breath become slow and natural. After a few moments of quiet breathing, set an intention to connect with your inner self and hear his/her voice.  Open your eyes and begin to write answers to your set of questions.  Don’t overthink your writing here, simply let the pen flow across the page.  Let what wants to comes through on to the paper come through.  This is easier if you keep your pen moving and don’t judge or edit as you write.  Write for 20-30 minutes or so until you feel as though you’ve answered the three questions thoroughly.

What do I need to let go of right now?

How will letting go create more space in my life?

What good things are coming my way that I need to make space for?


Where in my life am I hesitant to commit, to be “all in”?

How is it serving me to not fully step into this aspect of my life?

What will be the rewards of committing?


In what area or areas of my life do I need to adjust my perspective?

How is my current perspective serving/not serving me?

What will I gain by shifting my perspective?


What is my purpose for being here?

How can I feel more in touch with/connected to my purpose?

How would my life look if I were to live it from a place of purpose?


In what areas of my life do I need to slow down?

How can I bring a more intentional, mindful pace to my days?

How will my life change if I am willing to take things more slowly?


In what way am I not letting my authentic self be seen?

How can I feel safe putting the essence of who I am out into the world?

What will my life look like if I am willing to show up as authentically as possible?


What book/project/work of art/business/creative endeavor wants to be created through me?

How can I bring it to life?

How will my life look if I am willing to live more creatively?


In what area/areas of my life am I feeling stuck or blocked?

How can I get unstuck or remove the block?

What is waiting for me on the other side?


In what ways am I not nourishing myself, in mind, body or soul?

What nourishes me and how can I bring more of it to my life?

What will my life look like if I am deeply nourished in mind, body and soul?

Once you have finished writing, go back through Recognizing the Voice of Your Intuition on the Page.  Using these tips and guidelines, read through your answers to the three questions and underline what feels like the voice of your inner self.  Use this internal wisdom to take action if you feel guided and inspired to do so, or use it as a journaling prompt and dive even deeper into what your inner self is trying to tell you.  Remember that writing and listening deeply in this way is a practice.  As we continue to set aside time with pen and paper holding the intention of accessing our internal wisdom, it will become easier to hear and identify.

2 thoughts on “Three Questions: A Journaling Exercise

  1. These are all great questions! I like the “How can I feel more in touch with/connected to my purpose?” question. I find it really easy to forget my purpose, so I think it’s the perfect writing prompt form me to feel connected to my purpose on a day-to-day basis. 🙂

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    • Thank you! I feel the same way. Being “on purpose” has always been important to me. I see it as an overarching way of being that touches everything I do. ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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