Inner Space

An astonishing fact: You are 99% space.

In very simple terms, your body is comprised of atoms. One percent of every atom is comprised of protons, neutrons, and electrons. The other 99% is empty space.

Pause for a moment and really take that in. Feel how simply knowing that fact can change the way you feel about your body, how you feel in your body at any given moment. Imagine the lightness of your being.

If I am feeling heavy, weighed down by thoughts that aren’t serving me, I practice this meditation. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Inhale slowly, exhale slowly. Picture the cells in your body, picture the space that exists inside each and every atom, each one like a tiny little bubble filled with so much expansive space. Notice how open and receptive you feel knowing that so much space is available to you right now, inside your own body. Experience the lightness of this knowledge.

Once you have found this openness, consider what kind of energy or intention you wish to bring to this space and breathe it in on your next in breath. It might be, “I breathe in peace,” or “I breathe in compassion.” Let your intuition guide you to whatever it is that you need. Hold that beautiful intention at the top of your in breath and then let it wash down over your body like a waterfall, filling each and every cell with that intention as you exhale slowly. On your next in breath, repeat that same intention or allow your intuition to guide you towards something else that you might need right now. “I breathe in love,” or, “I breathe in trust.” Continue until you have filled your expansive being with sweet intention, energy and love. Enjoy the lightness, the cleansing feeling of bathing your cells in this goodness.

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