“I know you’re tired but come, this is the way.” -Rumi

I keep a sketch book filled with little messages that strike a chord with me as I go about my day. A line from a book or a blog post, a picture, a poem, something someone says to me that really hits home, something I wrote in my journal that feels incredibly true. I write them all down. This book has become an intuitive map of sorts, an opportunity to track synchronicity, to capture guidance from the universe onto the page before it slips from my memory.


The universe is here to help us and is constantly sending messages to help guide us on our path. Coincidences, a conversation, song lyrics, a page from a book, a sign you pass by on the street may seem to hold particular meaning, just for you. Pay attention to these quiet messages from your soul. Each one is a piece of the very unique puzzle that is your authenticity, your true self.   Let these moments of synchronicity guide you forward with kindness and love.


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