Quietness and Warmth

“A woman in her kitchen, pouring tea slowly into cups standing in a circle on a round tray….slowly….slowly….listening to the sound of the liquid as the cups filled…a slender stream of fragrant steaming tea… knowing that the quietness of the pouring and the warmth of the cups held between each pair of hands made a difference and was somehow important….knowing that this moment and this way of living out this moment was significant…that it made a difference in the meaning and the experiencing of life.”

Circle of Stones, Judith Duerk

Trust that it is okay to slow down, to live and move with intention, to honor your rhythms.  Pushing, striving and succeeding are what the world often expects of us.  Maybe that expectation is not in sync with your internal rhythm.  Maybe you long for a quieter life.  A life with time for being, time to listen to a stream of tea filling your cup, time to feel the comfort of its warmth in your hands.

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