The Hush and Holy of Now

Let’s forget the world for a while

fall back and back

into the hush and holy of now

are you listening? The breath

invites you

to write the first word

of your new story

-Julia Fehrenbacher, “Hold Out Your Hand”

The energy of January is quiet, despite our attempts to make it not so. New diets, exercise regimes or other grandiose plans to change ourselves are often what call to us now. Instead, consider the naked trees, the barren winter landscape outside. In its inevitable rhythm with nature, the earth is at rest. Plants, trees and hibernating bears do not choose this state, it is simply so. As humans, however, we must choose rest. Choose to listen to the energy of the earth, to our bodies and souls rather than the loud voices telling us it is time to be better, work harder.

Trust that it is okay to let rest be your intention.  Make a cozy January nest in the hush and holy of now and listen.  Fill these cold days with wood fires, candlelight, naps and things that truly nourish.

One thought on “The Hush and Holy of Now

  1. “The hush and holy of now.” Simply beautiful. Thank you for reminding me to give myself permission to simply be, to rest. That just because it’s January, the start of the new year, I do not need to be “first off the line.”


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