An Ancient and Organic Energy

By honoring the earth’s rhythms, we connect ourselves to something greater, an ancient and organic energy.  The force that turns the earth on its axis as day eases into night, over and over again.  The moon’s 28-day cycle. The wonder of the earth revolving around the sun, bringing us winter, spring, summer and fall. These are extraordinary miracles that we are blessed to be a part of each and every day as inhabitants of this spinning, rotating planet. And yet, in this modern, busy world it is easy to forget. Easy to become numb to all of this magic happening around us.

For a moment today, sit quietly and deliberately connect with this primal earth energy. Find comfort in the knowledge that there is a force so mysterious and powerful that it brings you days, nights and seasons. Give thanks for this glorious planet and the reliable journey it takes each 24 hours, each 365 days.

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