The River of Life

Life is always in motion, things are always changing. Today, whether you are at an all time high or scraping the bottom of the barrel (or somewhere in between), things will change. It is the only certainty.  On the yoga mat, we experience this as we transition in and out of poses, some difficult, some infused with openness and joy…the intense burn of chair pose swiftly moves to the expansiveness of half-moon. Being aware of this constant flow of motion and change allows us to ride through the ups and downs of life more easily.

A therapist once told me as I was going through my divorce to let myself flow in the river of life rather than clinging desperately to the rocks on the shore. When life gets difficult or I’m feeling like I just don’t know where this whole thing is going, I practice this meditation.  I lie down and imagine myself snuggled in a safe, stable canoe floating down a river at night. I look up and see the endless starry sky, I hear the gentle waves lapping against the sides of the boat. All the while I’m lying comfortably in the bottom of the canoe allowing the current to take me where it will. Trusting the flow of the river. Gazing at the stars above, I sense the magic and power of the universe. I feel held, cared for, loved.

Today, be aware of where you might be clinging to rocks on the shore and trust that it is safe to let go. Let the current of life take you. Find comfort in knowing that life is always in motion and you don’t have to steer the boat.  Lie back, marvel at the glorious sky above and trust the flow.

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