Not Enough

This morning in yoga class, I suddenly felt very “not enough”. I wasn’t:

  • doing enough yoga
  • running enough
  • eating enough of the right foods
  • a good enough parent
  • making enough money. Or any money, for that matter.

How quickly these thoughts gathered strength, launching a full-blown attack on my peaceful state of mind. Trying to rein myself in, I took a deep breath and asked for an intention that might guide me out of this way of thinking. Very quickly and clearly it came:

I have everything I need, and I am doing my Work in the world

 Oh, yes. That’s right. I do and I am. Deep breath in, long slow exhale. And as quickly as it came, the “not enough” attack went, replaced by the expansive, beautiful truth that right now, in this moment, all is well. I am taken care of and am pursuing the Work that calls to me now. Notice that the intention isn’t that I am going to eventually do my Work in the world. I am already doing it. Today, this Work very generally involves nourishing myself, staying present and open, and establishing a daily writing practice.

Sometimes this Work does feel small and insignificant, like it’s not enough. Most of the time it feels murky and uncertain, and I long for a clearer path forward. And so I accept the feelings of inadequacy and uncertainty and move forward on this path anyway. I put my trust in the next step, and the next step only. For today, that is more than enough.

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